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Our packages were carefully crafted so you can get organized, on your terms.

Initial Consultation

Tour and discuss your goals for the space, create a plan and timeline to obtain your vision.


Team of Two Organizers

This is our most popular service. We can usually finish a walk-in pantry, playroom, or medium-sized closet in 8 hours with a team of two.

$125 per hour

Additional "Simple Spacers"

Ideal for large scale projects, moving, and packing. The more hands we have, the faster we can work. By hiring a team of organizers, you get the most value in terms of money and time.

$40 each per hour


Garage organization is a service we only provide to clients who hire us for “Entire Home” projects or as a refreshing service for previously organized garages. The price of an “Entire Home” project depends on the size of the home and the current volume of possessions to be sorted. For a 4500 square foot home, the average amount invoiced for services is $22,500, including 15 days of in-home organizing services with a full team.

$350 per hour for a team of four organizers

Space Design and Planning

A team member works with you, your builder, contractor, handyman/woman, or interior designer to create a plan for your new kitchen, playroom, pantry, or closet. This can also include meeting you at The Container Store to design a custom Elfa solution.

$85 per hour

Large Volume Trash or Donation Drop Off

After each job, we will load our car with as much trash and donations as possible (complimentary), but if you end up with a large volume of bulky waste, furniture boxes, or a ton of old paint in the garage, we can make a trip to the dump or a local Goodwill for you.

$350 per trip

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