I tell just about every client that in order to make your home A Simple Space, the inventory of your home has to be reduced. It always surprises clients that getting organized actually tends to take up more space. When items are shoved, piled, and tucked away in a closet, pantry, drawer, or cabinet, you might be able to fit more, but you lose the functionality of that space. It is not a secret that I prioritize decluttering and reducing inventory over organizing – a system will not stay in place if it is cluttered with items that are not used or cherished. I am not a #maximalistorganizer, and with that being said, at the end of each in-home session, my car is usually packed with donations. 

I have found that oftentimes clients are more likely to let go of something if they know the cause that it is going to. If a client has a specific place in mind where they want their items to be donated, we will set them aside in a garage or load them in the client’s trunk to be dropped off. If a client wants us to decide where to donate, we will usually create two piles; one for general donation and one for The Net. The Net is a phenomenal non-profit in Fort Worth that serves a variety of our community members and focuses on those experiencing homelessness. Items that we prioritize for The Net are tennis shoes, sports bras, hats/caps, jackets and coats, umbrellas, practical clothing for those experiencing homelessness, casual modest women’s clothing, easy-to-grab food, and unopened coffee. Just about everything else is either trash or general donation, which is usually the closest donation center on the way home for us. 

To make your purging a bit more purposeful, I want to discuss the condition of donated items.

Please do NOT donate items that are: 

  • torn 
  • have holes
  • stained
  • pilling 
  • worn underwear and bathing suits
  • missing parts

So, what do you do with those items that should not be donated? You can keep a few shirts for yard or housework, you can cut up clothing to become rags or knot them to become dog toys, but everything else can be disposed of. A donation facility is going to dispose of these items anyway, so save them some time and sort donations from trash now. 

** During this current time of COVID-19, most establishments are not taking donations. It is recommended that you neatly package your donations and keep them in a clean, dry area, such as the garage, until establishments are ready to accept your donations. 

A few of my favorite DFW charities to donate goods to are listed below: 

Where to give…What they are all about… What to give…
The Netto develop healthy, restorative relationships with the people in our community who need a network of support the most. Through their three core programs, special events, and more, they are able to provide 38 relationship-building events every single month. Everyone in Fort Worth deserves to be seen, known, and loved, and it’s The Net’s job to make sure that’s the case.Good condition practical clothing for the homeless. Tennis shoes, bras, sports bras, t-shirts, jackets, umbrellas, bags, small blankets, unopened personal hygiene items, sunscreen, and tarps.
The Heart for the Fatherless resource closet at Arapaho Road Baptist Church serves foster and adoptive families from anywhere in and around the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, offering kids clothes from size preemie to 16, shoes, toys, baby equipment, and small furniture. My favorite place to donate baby/children’s toys and clothes. Gently used baby, toddler and children’s toys, clothing, car seats, and furniture.

Trinity Habitat for Humanity

home improvement stores that accept small and large donations of new or gently used furniture, appliances, housewares, building materials, and more. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these items support Trinity Habitat’s mission.

Are you cleaning out a garage and have tools, paint, or building supplies? This is your place to donate. Also accepting furniture and cabinets.

I hope all of you are all finding the sweet moments in being home with your family. 

Stay well friends,


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