In February, I was jumping around because the next month was going to be my first month FULLY booked. Heck, maybe even overbooked! It was finally happening; my income from A Simple Space was finally going to surpass what my monthly income was when I was teaching. My business was not only going to show profits, but I was going to be able to set money aside for retirement as well. I had butterflies in my stomach and it felt like I was living in a dream. Fast forward to March 13th when COVID-19 brought everything to a screeching halt. 

To be honest with you, I’ve already had my big breakdown, which was followed by my conclusion that things are going to be okay. The business will pick up again as people want help reclaiming their sanctuary after their home has served as a school, office, cafeteria, gymnasium, restaurant, movie theatre, TikTok filming backdrop, and bar. A Simple Space will be here once the dust settles and normalcy returns. Until then, I have decided to create how-to guides for those who want to utilize their time at home to declutter and make each space in their home A Simple Space.

The reason behind creating these guides is simple; I want everyone to have the opportunity to create A Simple Space in their home without having to worry about the expense. I realize that hiring a professional organizer is usually by cause of luxury or critical need, but what if, because of cost, you are unable to hire A Simple Space to come in and help you take your home from clutter to clarity? My hope is that with some inspirational before and after Instagram posts and a five-step how-to guide, you will be ready to make your home A Simple Space.

First up, bathrooms. Bathrooms are typically small spaces that hold a large amount of inventory. A bathroom is a space full of deep lower cabinets that are forgotten about until someone in your household gets sick and you are scrambling around for medicine.

In a recent conversation with some girlfriends, the topic of “cabinet snooping” was brought up. I had never heard of this term and was shocked that after a quick Google search, I discovered just how common this “cabinet snooping” is! Let me tell you; it is apparently VERY common. I know what you’re thinking as I thought the same; Why would anyone snoop around someone’s bathroom? Well, from what I gathered, this snooping is a way for someone to search for comfort in the proof that we all groom in a similar way, or comfort in knowing that we have our own little secret messes. As eye-opening as this may be, do make sure that you are getting organized for yourself and your family, not for those creepy friends who are snooping around in your bathroom. 

Bathrooms are the most used space in a home. It is the first place you go in the morning and the last place you visit before bed. Why not make it the most functional?

Click HERE to grab your own How To Make Your Bathroom A Simple Space Five-Step Guide

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